Better grass


I realized my initial grass image was a little too "busy" making it difficult to pick out ores and trees on the terrain.

Terrain images


Adding to my previous change, I've gone and added images to the terrain, adding more depth to the world!

Trees and Rocks!


I realized images are a thing that look good in games. Weird, huh? Anyway I've added images for trees, rocks, ores, etc.

Stack sizes, Ores, and more


Crafting window


For basic crafting I decided to go with a quick use window on the right of the inventory. This way someone can scroll through basic crafting recipes and create items with a simple click. I considered the Minecraft route of empty boxes and requiring the user to know the recipe but I decided to avoid the guessing game and go for something more straight forward for new players.

Inventory stack sizes


Hotbar and inventory changes


Inventory Images


I added images for inventory items

Inventory and Attack Area


In old Thorn Reid games I generally strayed away from melee attacks because of attack ranges and timing. This time, I used java shapes and points in order to create the attack area. I made it scalable so in the future I can add additional points to round off the attack area. I also added the start to a basic inventory for the player.

Started map generation


Starting a new Thorn Reid game I wanted to implement procedural terrain generation. In the past I generally created map makers, primarily because I didn't know how to make quality procedural generators, but also because it made more sense to create static maps for an RPG. With the new Thorn Reid I'm aiming for a better open world experience by using random maps.