Weapon Animations!


Boy this is a big one. Being real honest, something I've always struggled with when making games, is making melee attacks. Normally I say "screw it" and go with a ranged attack - also withno animations. With a previous change I implemented melee attacking polygon ranges, as well as some basic animations for the unit's gloves flying around. So the big change with this update, is that now the weapon the player is holding is actually animated as well. Unarmed or resource held attacks will still just show the gloves moving, but any attack with a hatchet, axe, etc. will show the weapon swinging around the character. Another important update is I changed the indicator slightly - to now only draw one indicator and color it a semi transparent red if currently attacking vs. solid red before. I've also changed the attack direction to always follow the player facing direction. Previously I used a locked attack direction. After working on these animations, I realized I would rather let the player change their minds about where they're facing with their weapon while attacking, rather than awkwardly being held in a static direction, even when you can still move around.